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Hands-On Rehabilitation Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA

Cardiovascular & Strength Training

Most athletes tend not to think about physical therapy as something they’ll want or need unless they’ve been injured. The reality is, an experienced, committed physical therapy provider isn’t just interested in seeing you after you’ve pulled a muscle or broken a bone -- we want to help you prevent sports-related injuries in the first place, and help you build the strength to protect yourself after your recovery if you have been injured.

Using data-based methods at the cutting edge of the sports medicine field, Dan Glatz and his team of licensed physical therapy professionals offer cardio and strength training for injury prevention, as well as support for those who need guidance on how to stay fit when injured. With our hands-on approach, our team will work closely alongside you to develop a training plan that’s tailored to your individual needs and goals, then support you at every step as you move forward.

When you receive the kind of care we provide at Performance UNLIMITED, your potential becomes unlimited as well. Schedule your first appointment with Dan and the team and begin the first step toward reaching your peak performance.

Physical Therapist Helping Athlete

Pre/Post Rehabilitation Strength Training

Strength Conditioning for Athletes

The key to providing the kind of cardiovascular and strength training that can truly make a difference in an athlete’s performance is found right in Performance UNLIMITED’s philosophy of one-on-one, individualized, patient-focused care. Every patient has a unique body with its own unique mechanics, structure, and needs -- if your therapist doesn’t know you well, they won’t know how to help you train with the goal of achieving your absolute best.

At Performance UNLIMITED, our team understands body mechanics like no one else. Our cardio and strength program is all about recognizing your body as an individual entity and breaking down your individual mechanics as you lift, stretch, run, and perform all the movements required of your sport. Once we’ve determined the unique way your body works, we can begin to retrain those mechanics to achieve safer, injury-preventing technique and enhanced performance.

For Dan and his team, helping patients achieve their absolute best isn’t just a job -- it’s a passion. If you’re ready to work alongside a group of experienced professionals who care about you, your recovery, and your performance goals, it’s time to reach out to Performance UNLIMITED.

Endurance Training From Pittsburgh’s Top Physical Therapists

MECHANICS-Focused Physical Therapy

One of the most important elements of a targeted cardiovascular endurance training program is known as “Mechanics.”

But what is mechanics, exactly?

“Mechanics” is actually a very simple concept. It refers to the number of times your feet push off the ground while you’re running. This doesn’t just translate to speed -- turnover is also about the pace, or rhythm, of your run. By adjusting this factor, you can significantly increase your mechanics, improving your cardiovascular performance while keeping your body safer from injury as you run.

Mechanics  training is essential to any athlete whose speed matters to their sport, but that training should be performed with guidance from an experienced professional who has your body’s best interests in mind. At Performance UNLIMITED, we specialize in helping athletes to increase their turnover in ways that are safe, effective, and tailored to your body’s individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in cardio and strength training while I’m still injured?

Yes! In fact, training can drastically improve your recovery, preventing atrophy and deterioration during your period of downtime. That said, you should be exercising safely with professional guidance -- performing cardio exercise with a broken leg, for example, can actually be detrimental to your recovery if done improperly.

What is the pricing associated with cardio and strength training?

Dan and the team at Performance UNLIMITED are passionate about providing high-quality, accessible care to patients who need it. Our transparent, knowledgeable staff will gladly discuss your payment options with you as part of your consultation.

For which age groups do you provide cardio and strength training?

While Performance UNLIMITED will help any athlete in need, most of our cardio and strength training services are utilized by younger athletes (ages 14-30) who participate in high school and college sports.

How do I get started with the best physical therapist near me?

With Performance UNLIMITED, getting started is easy. Just schedule your first appointment using our online tool, and we’ll set up a time for you to meet with Dan and his team for your initial consultation. We can’t wait to see you!