Physical Therapy For Car Accident

We live in an amazing time.  You can have many of your painful and deteriorating joints replaced in only a few hours (1). Medicine and technology are advancing at such a rapid pace that we can have our joints replaced in less time than it takes for repairs to be done on our cars! In fact, last time I had repairs on my car, it took 2 days to get it back, between obtaining parts and completion of the repairs. Most human bodies are in and out of the hospital in that time or less. Of course, unlike car repairs, we don’t have the option of renting a loaner body until repairs are complete and our bodies are functioning properly again. That is when pre-surgical physical therapy, or prehab, can be helpful to get the body in the best shape possible for optimum surgical outcome. 

Imagine, shiny new parts to replace the worn-out ones, allowing you to return to all of your activities without pain and with improved mobility and function. You can get back to hiking, biking, and walking. You can return to pickleball, tennis, and fishing. You can play with your kids and run with your grandchildren. Your world of possibilities is within reach. But what should we do to get ready for this greatness on the horizon?  I have just one word for you...PREHAB. And what is Prehab?  It is preparation for your surgery to get a head start on your recovery. We at Performance UNLIMITED follow the mantra that STRONG in is STRONG out.

What is Prehab?

Prehab is an exercise program that can begin 4-6 weeks prior to your surgery. It gets your body and mind ready for the surgery ahead, and also allows you to set a foundation of fitness for you to springboard your recovery. Consider it a training program for success. You meet with your physical therapist who performs a complete evaluation of your current function and long-term goals. Based on these findings, your physical therapist develops a program tailored specifically to you to help you attain flexibility, mobility, and strength. The program also aims to establish your understanding of the mechanics of movement and balance required to set the stage for success. Think of it as pregame training.  You wouldn’t go into a sporting event without some form of preparation. Similarly, you wouldn’t go into a race without making sure your car is tuned up and ready to perform at an optimal level. You need a pre-race check-up for your body. Why not prepare for your most important sporting event...participation in all of the activities and events that your body has missed due to your limited function? Why not prepare your body for the rest of your life? 

Strong in is strong out. Set the stage for quality recovery. Allow yourself the chance to get a head start on your recovery and an opportunity to partner with your physical therapist to provide the outcomes you desire and deserve. Remember the mantra: STRONG in is STRONG out. At Performance UNLIMITED, we are here to get you ready for not only the rest of your life, but the best of your life! 

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