I recently took a flight. I do not fly so I forgot how “pleasant” flying is. People ask me how tall I am. My reply is the same. Six foot five. Six foot six if I am angry… and I am always angry. As I am aging my height is changing so I may need to change this reply. As I sat in my seat, with my knees comfortably against my ears, an announcement came over the intercom to view the tv screen in front of me for pre-flight instructions. I remember when they used to demonstrate seat belt function and point to all the exits like an off-Broadway performance. Oh, the good old days. During this broadcast, they discussed finding your exits and reading the pamphlet in the seat back. I always find the exits and count my seats to those exits. I do this in movie theaters and restaurants too. I know. It is strange.

During this presentation, they said if there is a problem the oxygen will drop. At that time, you should place the oxygen on yourself before helping those in need. This struck me. How many of us truly take care of ourselves so we can be our best? The demands of others come at the sacrifice of self. Wow, that would make a great T-shirt.


We all develop aches and pains. Many we accept as aging. The secret is that aging should not be painful. It’s our body dropping the oxygen mask; how do we get back on track? You talk to others and check social media. There is so much information. You need people who can look at you as a whole person and not an injury. At Performance UNLIMITED, we take care of your aches and pains while building you back to the quality of life you desire. We offer insurance and membership programs to help you care for yourself. Think of us CPR for your body.

Why not give us a call and we will be happy to show you a different approach to physical therapy.

Is your oxygen running out?