It is hard to believe, but I started Performance UNLIMITED in 2006.  A lifetime ago. I started this company because I was running a clinic and I found that three things were happening:

  1. People were returning with the same injury.
  2. People were not returning to the same level of activity.
  3. People had no idea how to support a healthy lifestyle.

I approached the owners of the clinic with the concept of starting a premium program for patients when they completed traditional physical therapy.  They had no interest.  So, I started it myself and Performance UNLIMITED was born.  More specifically, Performance UNLIMITED by Dan Glatz was born.  Its tag line was, “Sports, Fitness, Life.' The goal was to correct what I was seeing wrong with traditional physical therapy.  I wanted to have the ability to treat the person, not the injury. I felt I had a moral obligation to provide more to the people who trust me than the insurance companies were allowing.  To help them achieve all their goals whether they were injured or not. Life has taken my company on a rollercoaster and I have learned MANY things along this ride. 


In my last blog I talked about the handcuffs that insurance companies are placing on our practice. Recently, I had time to meet with physical therapists from across the country during a convention in Colorado. Guess what I found out?  I’m not the only one frustrated!  Perhaps I should not be so excited to be in a profession where the rumblings are all the same;  limitations, reduced care time, discharging patients before their goals are met.  As I said before, handcuffs. As a result, I no longer feel that the services that insurance companies have dictated allow me to keep the promises to the people I care for.  Maintaining my integrity is my number one priority.

To fulfill my original promise, we are adding programs outside of insurance-based physical therapy.  This new program will come with a cost. It will allow us to work with our people to attain the goals that THEY want.  We will make a plan that allows people to return to activities and move towards goals.  We call this program Performance YOU. This is a cash-based program that allows us to begin working for YOU!  After all, YOU are the ones who are seeking rehabilitation. YOU are the ones seeking performance improvement. YOU are the ones who want ease of pain. YOU are the ones who want to feel better. The insurance companies are interested in their investments, not yours.  Isn’t it time you invested in yourself?  What does this program mean for you?  Well, I am glad you asked: 

  • 1 on 1 care with a PT for the entire session.  Yes, just you and the PT working on your problems, not everyone else’s. 
  • Preferential scheduling.
  • Focused attention and progressive plans that are designed for you.  No set plans or protocols, but programming to help your individual issues and achieve your goals. 
  • Goal-setting and Accountability-focused care on your ability to perform over a lifetime. Want to return to skiing? Want to run a half marathon?  Want to improve your lifting form and exercises?  Determine what future you want, and we will work towards making them your reality.
  • Preventative Care.  Addressing those issues and aches BEFORE they stop you.
  • Training programs for strength, mobility and balance guided by professionals with focus on proper form and function.
  • And other programming that promotes people to live better lives.

All of this will allow me to stay true to my devotion to all of you. We will continue to serve our patients who are using insurance but are now able to provide more program options that free you from restraints and allows us to work for you!

If you are interested in hearing more about this program, give us a call at 724-816-3583 to set up a discovery call to see how WE will work for YOU.


Here, I am pictured with the founders of PT Biz, Danny Matta on my left and Yeves Gege on my right.

I was able to connect with Ken Chang of South Jersey Physical Therapy and Ron Collins from the Stretch Clinic in South Florida at the PT Biz dinner!